Meet Our Team

Chris Hetherington

Chris’ interest in this stems from his 23+ years in the New York City Police Department, eight of which were the Department’s Early Intervention Unit.

Since retiring as a Deputy Inspector, Chris has held a number of positions in the security and business continuity arenas, currently serving as the Senior Manager, Office of Business Continuity, for an international law firm.

Chris is the former Global Crisis Management Officer for the Citigroup Office of Business Continuity, the former Deputy Commissioner - Homeland Security Liaison at the New York City Office of Emergency Management (NYC OEM) and the former Chief of Staff at the New York City Police Pension Fund.

In addition, Chris has been awarded the following degrees and certification: Juris Doctor, St. John’s University School of Law Master of Arts, Security Studies, Naval Postgraduate School Certified Business Continuity Professional, Disaster Recovery International.

Robyn Cannariato

As a police officer, Robyn was initially assigned to patrol duties and plain clothes assignments in Patrol Borough Manhattan South. Later Robyn worked in the Early Intervention Unit, located in Police Headquarters, where she provided peer counseling and training for officers of all ranks. Robyn’s responsibilities expanded to include the restructuring of the early warning and monitoring systems and of the Early Intervention Unit’s responsibilities. Robyn facilitated conferences on many topics in law enforcement, education and mental health. Robyn worked as part of a team to initiate an outreach program for peers in the NYPD to utilize peer services.

Subsequent to retiring from the NYPD, Robyn became the founding Director of COP CARE, a nonprofit organization that provided services to police officers in the Tristate area by means of a help line. Her organization was hosted by the New York Patrolmen’s Union and received in-kind services from that organization.

Robyn consulted to the New York State Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), leading a feasibility study for a pilot help line project for the FOP. 

Robyn acted as a consultant and clinician for Delta Airlines and other commercial carriers, and served as the lead mental health professional on the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) team for the northeastern United States. Robyn has trained pilots and crews on topics including acute stress, post-traumatic stress, anxiety and panic.

Currently Robyn maintains a professional practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W.) who is Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) certified and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) certified. Robyn currently trains individually on “Brainspotting” (a new, highly effective treatment method) technique, with Dr. David Grand. Robyn provides psychotherapy to children and adults. A substantial part of her practice includes law enforcement officers and their families. Robyn’s awards include the Police Self Support Group Humanitarian Award and the Brooklyn Union Gas Person of the Year Award. Robyn is a Board Member for several not-for-profit organizations. She is also currently completing research for her doctorate.

Robyn and her colleagues recently developed a protocol for trained law enforcement officers to process daily post-tour events that they encounter during their shift. This protocol of a reverse roll call, facilitated by trained peers, has established a mechanism to diminish police stress and thereby promote the well-being of officers and the communities that they serve.

Jerry Leary

Jerry served as the New York City Police Department Sergeants Benevolent Association Health and Welfare Secretary, representing the interests of 5,000 active and 5,500 retired NYPD Sergeants. During his service, he created True Health Benefits, the SBA's internal nonprofit union-based pharmacy benefit consortium, which has grown to expand to other police unions. Prior to, he served the Police Department of the City of New York for 27 years: first as a police officer, then as a sergeant, then as an SBA delegate. Jerry was a first responder during the September 11th terrorist attacks, then later served on the Mt. Sinai Hospital World Trade Center Law Advisory Board. He also serves as Director of Law Enforcement Relations for the American eHealth Collaborative. Jerry earned an Associate’s degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, as well as numerous certificates from the Labor Relations Information System and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. He has also attended the Cornell University Union Leadership workshop series.

Philip Schoppmann

Philip Schoppmann is a 11 year veteran in law enforcement, having transitioned from the New York City Police Department to the Suffolk County Police Department, on Long Island, N.Y. He received a baccalaureate degree in Police Science (operations) and a Security Foundations Certificate from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Manhattan, N.Y.

A former firefighter and current emergency medical technician, he currently also serves as an independent contractor and instructor for various organizations including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Command Logic 360, LivingWorks (one of the founding committee members of the 1st Responder Committee), and the National Council for Behavioral Health. (Philip has provided training for the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, the New York State Office of Mental Health, and various schools and mental health associations throughout New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia.

Presently, he holds several instructor certifications and provides instruction in numerous areas of interest including suicide prevention, suicide intervention skills training, peer support development, verbal de-escalation, mental health first aid and life skills training.
He functions as a consultant for various law enforcement departments regarding the development, growth and maintenance of law enforcement peer support teams, and is trained is Critical Incident Stress Management.

Philip serves as co-coordinator for the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Long Island and has helped to create and currently serves as coordinator for three other groups:

  • Providing Enforcers Education & Resources – P.E.E.R. – A law enforcement peer support team assisting law enforcement in Suffolk County, N.Y.
  • Trainers United on Long Island for the Prevention of Suicide – T.U.L.I.P.S. – A group of trainers and mental health professionals providing the highest quality and quantity of training in New York State.
  • The Coalition on Mental Health for Police, EMT, Firefighter and Corrections Personnel. This group provides education and resources for first responders, law enforcement and their families.

It is Philip’s honor to serve on the board of directors for Post Tour Processing and functions as the Director for Peer Development- providing training, development, guidance and evaluation for the maintenance and growth of peer support personnel.

Timothy Whitcomb

Timothy Whitcomb is the Sheriff for the Cattaraugus County Sheriff Office in Western New York and currently serves as a Board Member for TTMPT (Talk To Me Post Tour). He is currently serving his 28th year in Law Enforcement, where he spent 7 years working major crimes in the Criminal Investigation Bureau. It was in this role that he was recognized as the Blue and Gold Officer of the Year in October 2000.

Sheriff Whitcomb possesses a Masters degree in Counseling Education for St. Bonaventure University and is a certified police instructor in the areas of Interview and Interrogation, the Investigation of Sex Crimes, and the Law Enforcement Response to School Violence. Sheriff Whitcomb is a graduate of the 206th Session of the FBI’s National Academy and his specialized training includes Crisis Negotiation with the Los Angeles Police Department, Death Scene Management with the FBI, and he has been certified as a SWAT Team fitness specialist.

Sheriff Whitcomb has been an adjunct professor for both Saint Bonaventure University and Jamestown Community College. He has served as President for the New York State Sheriff’s Association, and is a Past President of the State of New York Police Juvenile Officer Association.

David Grand

David Grand, PhD is the developer of Brainspotting, the groundbreaking relational brain-bodymindfulness based method. He is the author of Brainspotting: The Revolutionary New Therapy for Rapid and Effective Change and the co-author of This is Your Brain on Sports. Dr. Grand is involved in humanitarian activities with survivors of 9/11, Katrina and Sandy Hook/Newtown. He is a member of the board of directors of Talk To Me Post Tour Processing(TTMPTP). He has accomplished breakthroughs in performance and creativity with Brainspotting Sports Work and Brainspotting Acting Coaching. Dr. Grand has been widely featured in the media including The NY Times, NBC National News, The Discovery Channel, CNN, MSNBC, Sports Illustrated and Sirius Radio.